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2011 Fair Race Schedule

New pictures of Jax - We've added a bunch of new pictures of Jax. 02/08

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New pictures of Jax - We've added a ton of recent pictures of Jax. He' s doing great as you can see.

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My racing season has been put on hold for a little while; I broke my leg on March 18th & had surgery to put a rod in it the next day. It happened at theLLQ at Paradise in DQ during my last race of the weekend. I was in 4th place off the start &coming up on the 1st triple. The two guys in front of my got a little squirly doing the triple, so I thought I would play it safe & just double it. When I came out of my landing, I got a little squirly & my leg got caught between my foot peg & the ground. I managed to stay on the bike, but I knew right then that my leg was broke. I pulled off the track & went straight to the ambulance & sure enough it was broke. I was taken to Carbondale Hopsital & found out that I had broke both bones in my lower leg in 3 places & would have to have a rod placed in one. The surgery went really well thanks to Dr. JT Davis of SI Orthopedics. I'll be out of the racing aspect of the sport for a little while, but I'm still able to do all my riding schools & my fair race series this summer. Nothing can keep my away from motocross! Of all days for me to break my leg, I had to do it on my son's 1st birthday! That was the biggest dissapointment for me. We were having such a great time camping out there all weekend & had planned a birthday party for him to have at the race. We got 2 huge cakes for everyone to eat, a little cake for him, & tons of presents, but the party was cut short. I guess it all turned out ok in the long run because we got to celebrate his birthday more than just the 1 day & his 1st birthday will always be remembered!


I would like it to give a special thanks to Kenny and Brad at echo valley in Poole Ky. for letting me hold a riding school there this weekend for some really great kids. It was a little cold, 20 degrees in the morning, but they were all tough and I want to say thanks to them also, GOOD JOB. So if you get a chance I highly recommend you visit there facility on a race day or check out there site for a practice schedule.

Thanks Tim

In Memory of Caleb - 10/01/06 from a rare & aggressive type of cancer. Make sure to make a donation & keep the memory of Caleb alive in our hearts forever. To hear Caleb's story & make a donation click here.

Caleb's Story . Please keep Caleb & his family & friends in your thoughts & prayers.



Tri-State Fair Nationals

Fair Nationals 2006 Series Results! Check out the final standings of the 2006 Tri-Sate Fair Nationals More info Here...


A few more pictures of some recent landscaping work.

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Take a look at some pictures of one of our newly constructed ponds in Cambia, Illinois

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Tri-State Fair Nationals

Fair Nationals 2006! Check out race dates, purses and info. Also, sign up to get listed in our programs. More info Here...

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I've been extremely busy lately with all the track building jobs we've been involved in. But, I've put together some great information and pictures you don't want to miss. More info Here....






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